Jesse Ranon

Software Engineer at 100Devs

I build web sites and web apps for individuals and small businesses. Skilled in JavaScript and Full-Stack Development (MERN Stack). Prior experience in accounting, finance, and IT. I love to code and am ready to take my skills to the next level as part of an organization.


HTML / CSS / JavaScript

The Vegas Bartender's Pocket Reference

A web app for jogging the memory on drink recipes.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Southwest Astronomy Society APOD Web App

An app for Astronomy enthusiasts to view NASA's Picture of the Day.

Client Sites

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

DJ Miss Joy

Website for Las Vegas' own DJ Miss Joy.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Life Is Sweet Bakery

A website layout for a bakery.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Yƍkoso Sushi

A website layout for a sushi restaurant.

Fun Stuff

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Street Fighter II Match Maker

Pick characters and watch them fight.


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